Sunday, May 4, 2008

The return trip from Penang

Perhaps this posting is more relevant here.

I made 2 new friends from Hat Yai this trip, Khun Sukit and Khun Cheah, both are swiftlet farmers of course who toured Penang together. P'Sukit was very hospitable and kind to provide accommodation during our Hat Yai stopover. He will be a big bird nest farmer in time to come!

P'Sukit posing with new farm house behind his residence. Notice the thinness of the roof, it is a type of insulation material used in cold room construction for his bird house. During evenings, he would sits at a balcony watching his birds return in full view!

Returning from Penang, P'Sukit solicited P'Jiap & P'Moo to advice on converting the roof level of an apartment block he owns into a bird house. They were pictured in animated discussions below.

Roof top view of some Hat Yai's bird farms afar from P'Sukit's apartment block.

He contemplates to convert this huge store into a bird farm too. Gee, this is only a partial view of the warehouse!

P'Cheng posing with his emulet

We had opportunity to visit his bird farm too. His nests are of grade A quality judging from their size and color.

View from the lake side restaurant we lunched.

Checking out fishermen dislodging their catches from the net at end of the board walk.

On the way back we passed other swiftlet farming hot spots of Songkla, Hua Sai, Phak Phanang & Surat Thani, along the coastal route. I am not surprise if there are other hot spots missed out along the route.

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