Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ban Laem - A swiftlet farming town

A little step a time, as I ventured into learning about swiftlet ranching in Thailand, I have made contacts and cultivate friendships in Thailand over the past year. Thais are very friendly and helpful when they accept you as a friend. My biggest impression is their sincerity and warm hospitality!

Ban Laem is a farming nucleus in Petchaburi province, where I have made many friends.

Temple across the farming nucleus from where it began.

Farm of P'Jiap who is also a shrimp farmer. His bird house over his residence with a shrimp farm in foreground. His first farm is hidden from view.

View of his first farm atop his residence cum farm.

P'Moo's farm. Yet to know him when this photo was taken.

View of P'Moo's farm from pavilion in his backyard. Intruders beware, he has a Rottweiller roaming the grounds! From here he could also take out predator birds with his riffle!

P'Piak's farm, the most productive farm within the nucleus across the temple.

Timber yard of P'Moo & P'Jiap with custom built machinery to groove the nesting planks.

P'Vuth's new farm... a pretty BIG one!

Diner with my new Ban Laem friends. From left P'Vuth, P'Piak, P'Jiap, P'Moo & P'Vuth's brother.

Even the restaurant has a bird farm behind!

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