Sunday, May 4, 2008

Provincial city of Petchaburi

Petchaburi, located about 120Km south west from Bangkok, is an ancient city with a long history. Driving around town you will see old temples and narrow streets converted to one way traffic. Three Thai Kings Rama IV, V & VI built their retreat palaces here. So this is a town worth a visit.

The theme here will stick to swiftlet ranching of course. It's scale pale in comparison with others. If compared to Phak Phanang, a Chinese saying "A mosquito's limb compared to a cow's leg!" comes to mind.

Nevertheless, a nice story I came to know here. Notice the shop house (to the left) with a broken corner window? It was a vacant 3rd storey of a shop house and some kids broke it with catapults through mischiefs some years ago. Then swiftlets discovered it and turned into home. Soon after all human occupants at lower levels moved out to make way for the birds.

Neighbors (picture to its right) across won't fail to notice the birds and could not resist converting their property into bird house too.

Then came an entrepreneur outside town, buy up a piece land next to it and put in place a large custom-built 4-storey farm house!

It was built by P'Moo and includes secret storage compartment for harvested nests. How thoughtful! Sorry, it's location is privilege information and can't let the cat out of the bag.

A panorama view of the bird houses

Front view of the first bird house in town, all windows & doors sealed!

A few more in the area, contrasting with old wooden house in neighborhood

Several neighbors keep birds away from their balcony with nettings! Unwelcome?

This converted old shop house contrasted with a nice large house next door!

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