Monday, May 5, 2008

A recollection of my first trip to Ban Laem

When I visited Ban Laem the first time, I knew nobody in town. So all I did was to drive around and took pictures from the roadside and outside locked gates of private compounds. These are my first impressions.

The first two farm houses outside town that came to sight. Looks new with 'dummy' windows.

The impression builds up as I approached town with this large farm.

Tall farm houses cannot be missed, following one would led progressively to the others.

Some used external screen to shield the sun's heat from the west.

Soon I reached the river where the density of bird houses increased.

This entire row of farm houses is awesome when I reached the farming nucleus, though the compressed panoramic view here do not project the full visual impact I had on site. Wow, who can own such a large farm house I thought!

As I latter learned, it turn out largely unsuccessful (or yet to be successful if nicely put)! It was built and sold by developer from Phak Phanang. Using their successful farm from the south as show case, they were successful in selling them to many individuals and walked away with US$2,000,000 profits I was told. The owners (may not be experienced farmers) struggled on their own to populate with birds. Too many rounds of renovations I was told. Now the birds seem to ignore them completely.

Last but not least, can't resist to include this lovely seaside restaurant in Ban Laem. Excellent sea food of course! Such a joy to discover it when I hit end of the road.

Monkeys here have adapted well to live by the swamps. They pick live clams and other shell foods on muddy shore during low tides. Wonderful to watch the young swinging and jumping into the sea on high tides. They are also wise to look out for restaurant staff armed with catapults keeping them away from harassing patrons.

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