Sunday, December 12, 2010

Building bird houses - the pre-fab way

After years of experience in bird house construction, my friends in Ban Laem are embarking on the pre-fab approach. I followed their progress through the construction of a new bird house for my friend.

The pre-fab yard was first prepared with a simple hoisting system, running on rail guides over steel molds laid on ground.

Truck delivered concrete mix to cast the first beams.

Moving the huge bucket load with ease towards the molds.

Concrete being poured into molds with steel reinforcement in-laid.

Days later, formed beams are left on open ground for further curing.

Steel rolls geometry provides an interesting shot.

So were the flying sparks of cutting steel.

Short distance away, the piling machine got off with its task.

Footing being prepared to sit the columns.

Pre-fab beams delivered to site ready for assembly.


Watching the beams put in place was like building with Lego bricks!

Pre-fab floor slabs were laid next.

Steel form-work for another 5 cm concrete layer added on top.

The process was repeated for the next floor...

and the next floor..

The building structure went up at rate of one floor per week, very fast and efficient!

In a matter of weeks, the building structure is almost completed - very impressive!

An overview of the construction site - neater and better organized than construction of my bird house. Notice the row of "Bird condos" to the left in background.