Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A round trip to Hat Yai & Satun

Having got my new farm off the ground, it was time to visit our friends in southern Thailand. It is timely as P'Sukit is building a new stand alone bird farm in Hat Yai & few other friends are getting on the band wagon too!

It is very well constructed in my opinion. We offered our 2 cents worth of opinions nevertheless!

P'Moo shipped his "nesting plank" grooving machine down to Hat Yai and came to set it up.

His DIY machine in operation!

A photo shot with some new found friends.

One of our friends has a shop unit bird house here at the border town of Sadao.

Then onwards to Satun (a southern most province bordering Malaysia) where another friend will build 4 stand alone farms here at this scenic site.

P'Moo posed with one of his goats.

Passing Chumpon on the way back, caught a glimpse of these monkeys trained to pick coconuts!

I never thought I would came this far south in Thailand..

I've a T-shirt with a message:

"Life is a journey where destinations are unknown"

How true!

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