Monday, December 20, 2010

A building boom in swiftlet houses

There seem to be a swiftlet house building boom in my area. To my knowledge, there are currently 25 bird houses in the pipeline to build! This surge is perhaps fueled by an observable increase of bird population in the region.

Posing in front of banner - site of a swiftlet town promotion here.

Nearby more sites are at various stage of construction progress. Concrete being poured over foundation footing here.

At another site, pre-fab beams are put in place for the ground floor.

A close up view of joint where concrete will be poured to hold the beams in place.

Yet another new site gets underway with piling work to begin.

There are five buildings under construction concurrently. It make sense to do it the pre-fab way. Guess it is getting boring to show construction in progress.

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